Reduce Access Related Pain With Walk-in whirlpool tub!!

Walk-in Bathtubs have become an important accessory for making the bathroom accessible for those with limited mobility and disabilities. These tubs are designed, to provide comfort and ease of movement to those persons who are unable to enter a bathtub all by themselves. This is the reason these bathtubs have got much wider acceptance and gained popularity by using a patient lift with the tub. Various features that are included in these bathtubs have greatly increased their usability and safety.

Walk-in whirlpool tub

  • Walk-in Whirlpool Tubs are available in many design and price ranges.
  • The tubs are durable and are supported well by the floor.
  • Experience the pleasure of a spa at home by using these walk-in tubs.
  • These are constructed in way that it provides optimum space to the user
  • The tubs include Adjustable height option that helps in reducing back pain by avoiding continuous bending.
  • Whirlpool Tubs are constructed using pipe-less technology that conserves water, chemicals and time to keep disinfected.

The advantage it offers is many. Moreover unlike traditional bathtubs, these tubs have a door on the side that opens close to the floor. A person facing difficulty to walk easily gets into the tub without getting support from others.  The bottom of a walk in bathtub also has a no slip safety textured floor. These features keep bathing a safe and independent activity of daily living. Premium designs also have many added features as heater, neck rest, contoured back, built-in seat and easily accessed massaging  hydrotherapy water controls make it even a more relaxing and comfortable bathing experience.The door that is provided for easy access has a water tight seal to prevent water leaks. The seals have a lifetime warranty

Safety Bath Bathtubs

The Walk-in Whirlpool Bathtubs offered by 1stSeniorCare, serves as a useful way to reduce pain.The whirlpool significantly reduced my pain with continued use.  It offers relaxation to those who suffer from disability and face problems during movement of legs. They are easily used tubs because you don’t actually climbing across the walls of the tub.

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